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PXL Storm / Sol >>> Good bye LJ! [Aug. 15th, 2011|01:58 pm]

It has been a long time since my last update, and it seems this will be the last one here. You can already find me in other communities and social networks that I update more often, like:

The video above is one of my recent video-art pieces, it's a half hour long... so take it easy, relax and enjoy a digital sunrise in this dark times. I enjoyed creating it and specially enjoyed the chance of using such a beautiful music composition like "Sol" by the great and friendly Jesse Somfay (thanks again!). This is it! See you all in this life or... who knows...
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GESO, Short CV + filmography [Aug. 15th, 2011|01:47 pm]
GESOCollapse )
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R9 by GESO [Mar. 13th, 2011|08:23 pm]
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“Being involved in an automobile accident has brought me closer to that enlightenment than any religious ritual or ceremony in which I've ever participated." Green Taylor Simms - Rant. Chuck Palahniuk (c) 2007.

R9, screen version. 2011
Author: Geso [Pablo Iglesias]
Sound design: Hecq [Ben Lukas Boysen]
Technical details: 06' 14'' HD (PAL DVD) Stereo. 3 copies limited edition.

R9-JIC, R9-MAAP, R9-PIA, R9-JIA, R9-ASIA. 2010
(collection of 5 videos)
Author: Geso [Pablo Iglesias]
Technical details: 5 x 02' 20'' (aprox.) HD Video, Stereo. Single copy.

R9 is a collection of works created by Geso between 2010 and the beginning of 2011. The serie is composed by 1video (central piece), 5 mini-videos, 1 sound art piece y 2 sculptures made on plexiglas with laser engraving.

This serie of pieces is a reinterpretation of the event that surrounded a car accident (Renault 9, red color) occurred at Km 14 of the A-31 highway (Spain) opened on Easter 1989. Specifically this piece recreates a mental image and makes the viewer witness of the liminal time between the time of the collision and the infinite moment of illumination, mixing reality and fiction/digital.

According to the Green Taylor Simms field notes (Rant) “Common to almost all spiritual beliefs is the idea of Liminal Time. To ascetics, it can be the moment of greatest suffering. To catholics, it's the moment the Communion wafer is presented to the congregation. The moment is different for each religion or spiritual practice, but Liminal Time itself represents a moment in which time stops passing. The actual definition is a moment "outside of time". (…) and achieving even an instant of Liminal Time is the goal of most religious rituals. In that moment, one is completely present and awake and aware... of all the creation. In Liminal Time, time stops. A person is beyond time.”

R9 tells us of those moments in our mind that are frozen in time. Incidents that regarding their gravity and importance seem to run in an altered time scale, as if all the action happen in front of our eyes in slow motion. Modifying all the data that our senses perceive of reality and even mixing them with other memories and thoughts that we connect subconsciously. This type of unreality or altered personal reality could have similarities with views under a meditation state or an altered state of consciousness.

film stills, sound art pieces and spanish translationCollapse )
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if you don't like it... f*** *ff! [Feb. 19th, 2011|08:56 am]
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[Current Music |radiohead]

hahaha xD new work from radiohead! loving the first single "lotus flower", loving the video, loving the genius... this video is the perfect "f*ck *ff!" for all those who made fun of Yorke's style and way of dance during their last tour xD YES! that's the radiohead i always loved-love: if you don't like it, here you have more... i'm a creep? enjoy looking at me... JUST PERFECT! <3

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supahappyBday 4 busu! [Feb. 6th, 2011|07:24 pm]
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[Current Music |Darkstar - North]

present for busu: private videoclip of radiohead's videotape
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personal music resume 2010 [Jan. 27th, 2011|08:01 pm]
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[Current Music |Instra:mental]

my friends know that i'm always hungry of new music... i need a weekly injection of new tunes. maybe the reason is just that i feel musically-bored so quickly and i need new inputs. i never consider myself a cool-hunter or anything similar, just a curious person. so i try to find and enjoy all kinds of different music. and i try to publish my favorite bands each year here, in my blog... sometimes the list of my favorites arrives late, like a month after the year is over and even more. the past 2010 has been as exciting as the previous one, and i hope this 2011 will bring more exciting bands and projects.

i advanced already part of the interesting bands i enjoyed in 2010 in my previous post: [long time ago!] so here is the rest of the 2010 resumed and compiled in exciting music, mainly electronic [of course!] but also some pop and some noisy-electric-guitars. if i have to resume in my own words what i found "new" or "original" could be the projects labeled as post-dubstep [the digestion and adaptation of dubstep in other styles and experiments], also the witch house [also referred to as drag, screw gaze, crunk shoegaze or other funny names, in resume is mixture of dark music with industrial sounds and hip hop influences] and of course the still shinning bass scene of LA.

the second half of the year the band i heard more times and which i can consider my favorite of 2010 has been:

perfect combination of relaxed atmospheres, great sounds, sumerish feelings, intelligent music that sound pop sometimes, or experimental... the best is to see them live, then you will know why i like them, they are pure magic. perfect to chill out but also perfect to dance.

in the same kind of style than Mount Kimbie, i mean postdubstep... making a weird kind of electronic pop with cool sounds. they are not inventing the wheel, but the are making it more perfect. the link i included is a streaming of the whole last new cd published on hyperdub label [in few days i gonna see them live at CTM festival]

i fall in love with the cover of his latest cd and then i assumed that i like it... checking it on myspace, yeah! intelligent electronic hip hop... sounds fresh and with references and samplers of many different genres.

in the style of one of my fav from 2010 [Gonjasufi] more experimental electronic with hip hop rhythms and influence of root musics, dub, etc. the soundcloud link contains a full streaming of an EP, worth to listen it continuously several times.

no doubts about Los Amparito, one of the most original surprises in 2010: a mexican flavored experimental music project, electronic music meets traditional mexican music... delicious! if Animal Collective would grow up a bit more in the south, in the other side of the frontier, they will be Los Amparito.

the website of the music label defined them as "Transylvanian psycho-freejazz", and the cover of his unique work is quite amazing... so i had to try it! it sounds a bit psycho-freejazz [how can anybody explains that style?], well, let's say it's electronic music, with some psychedelic sounds and effects, creating some interesting atmospheres that sometimes seem to be electro or something similar... whatever! it's 100% interesting. and i hope this project will develop its style with some more songs. i'm pretty curious about his next steps.

ambient electronic music from Editions Mego, a bit glitchy, a bit cosmic... perfect to listen late at night and close your eyes.

more ambient-cosmic-electronic music, but in this case closer to pop structures, really melodic.

i posted a live video of her some months ago [summer maybe?], she is a spanish dj and music producer... someone could define her music as tecno, maybe minimal... she calls it "tecno-melodia", and that's the perfect name... is like tecno pop, even includes some voices from time to time, but her songs are long a have a great progressive evolution... perfect to dance on the dance floor. in the soundcloud link there is a mixtape and a live set ready to download for free. i don't know how many time i have listen those tracks... loving "Once upon a time in your window" and "Let me fly". indeed she has been the reason i get more and more interested during the 2010 in exploring similar artists and listen more minimal tecno music. here there is a few more:

he has also collaborated wit Cora Novoa, and in the soundcloud link there is some mixtape ready to download.

from the same music labels and style than Cora Novoa and Groj, perfect melodic and minimal tecno, the link also includes some mixtape free to download.

the music band Salem has been the successful music band from the Witch House, and Disaro has been the music label that released most of the interesting stuff in this genre. among all the bands in the label i have my favorites:

atmospheric and dark... of course! like the other bands, but pretty cool songs included in their myspace.

those have the same style... but they sound more noisy... closer to black metal distorted voices, but still atmospheric.

one more from Disaro label, also interesting...

we leave aside the witch house, but we keep the dark inside... this time pure noise-industrial, electronic, but dark as hell! they played in the past edition of sonar festival, there must be a reason... right? just hear them and you will notice their shit is good shit! haha :D

well-well! i crossed my path with this guy years ago... long time ago, when he was making some kind of videogame-noise-breakcore with tons of layers, a pure digital chaos... and this year i have the chance to meet him in person and enjoy one of his live-sets. and i have to confess that he made a fffffcking amazing evolution... he kept the videogame sound, but relaxed the rhythms and included some great dubstep influences. he deserves a cd released soon! and i will wait for it!! yeehaaa!

yes, dubstep is getting bigger and bigger and more popular... its influences are nearly everywhere... in the case of Vent there is great mixture of quickly drum'n'bass, crazy breaks, dubstep basses and lot of fun... in the soundcloud link there is some live-sets ready to download for free.

more bands influenced with dubstep... there was a time when the mixture of metal and drum'n'bass was the coolest thing, now you have to add some dubstep to the mixture and yes... it works perfectly. for fans of industrial-rock and metal addicts.

getting into metal and electric guitars... Animals as leaders is not new in the hood. but its a great project of metal and progressive music...

i love when glitchy electronic meets progressive rock (Battles style)... and Gallops combines songs that seem to be a cover of a videogame score with really epic-loopy songs. absolutely unique!

i must confess: i have been always a big Depeche Mode fan and even more Radiohead fan. And Home Video is what happens when you mix a voice and style like Radiohead with something more tecnopop. great pop songs! if you visit their website you can listen on streaming the full new cd [play button at the bottom of the page!]

i wasn't surprise to listen their songs at an H&M store, even if the are publishing their work at Warp Label [always a guarantee of high quality]. indeed they are the most pop proposal from Warp. yes! pop but really well-done! kind of eighty revival style.

more pop music, but independent/underground somehow. Electric Presidents are the perfect soundtrack for a lonely sun rising morning at the beach, but also to spend the night with your girl and a dinner with candles, it doesn't fail. melodramatic pop music for the soul: you are not alone anymore! ;P

the most commercial suggestion of this post... probably you know her already, the last years she has been really on the main music top-list, but her tecnopop songs quick in the ass to posers like La Roux and all the bunch of new tecnopop divas. Apart of all that, she is cute! x)

behind the cutCollapse ), i compiled some more videos [all great ones!] related to some of those bands, enjoy them!
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Mentalandscape [Jan. 9th, 2011|07:46 pm]

this is your mind talking to you

are you the owner of its voice?
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re-re-re-loading on 201111 [Jan. 9th, 2011|07:39 pm]
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Hello everyone... this blog is nearly abandoned, i know. Sometimes i even wonder why i always come back again and again [who is really using LJ? should i move on to FB? uff!], i always make a bunch a pictures, but upload them here takes time. so i don't know when or how, if i will... so far i have been traveling like i usually do at the end of each year: Madrid-Berlin-Munich. i also should publish here my list of my fav. music projects from 2010. uff! i think i will just post a couple of videos and that's all for the moment [the year has stared slowly...]. Here is my submission to David Lynch's video contest. For this one i used my glitched camera, enjoy it:

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Geso: Autumn so far... [berlin-frankfurt-rome] [Oct. 31st, 2010|06:44 pm]
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time to post! my last real post was a resume of the end of summer. meanwhile i haven't stop, specially work [as always], traveling [specially because my work], and also working in my personal video pieces. autumn, just fine... missing the sunny days. but ok, two weeks ago i was in rome, 3 days full of sun, great food and nice conversations. and next week i'm coming back to my home-town [for 5 weeks]. so it's time to compile pictures. as you will see it's a big bunch of nonsense: street stuff, some art pieces, a walk in rome in 5 hours, some pics of frankfurt, and more berlin... of course! also a few pics from our anniversary and halloween. all together, all mixed... two months photoshake... and heading to the end of the year, my best sentence to resume it: still kicking, still here.

"the art is super!" sticker. berlin 2010
more picturesCollapse )
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sun+beach+music+:) [Sep. 22nd, 2010|09:25 am]
i wish all the parties will end like this [BTW: i'm totally addicted to her tunes :P]:

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